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How can I manage, add, and remove users to my account?

You can manage user access in a variety of ways. Every user can have a username/password required to access the service. This can also be integrated with your single-sign-on (SSO), which is supported at our Enterprise tier.

Some clients want a very low-friction way to grant access, and we support simply sharing the secret app links (similar to a Dropbox or Google drive secret link), so that anybody with that link will be able to access it directly. In that case, only your developers/admins would need to authenticate to manage your account, upload apps, download reports, etc.

Regular username/password login is available out of box. As an admin user, you may invite users and adjust user roles from https://appetize.io/account
You can also adjust default account access settings further down the page at https://appetize.io/account
Finally, single-sign-on (SSO) is supported for our Enterprise tier customers via SAML 2.0 or OpenID Connect.