Both the Basic and Premium plans come with a "starter pack" of minutes to get you started. The Basic plan comes with 500 minutes included each month. The Premium plan comes with 2000 minutes included each month. 

After the "starter pack" of minutes is used up each month, both plans bill usage at the standard rate of $0.05 per minute. We have many clients using the Basic and Premium plans at scale, and there are no differences in scalability apart from the included features.

Some clients have usage that falls within these "starter packs", in which case your monthly charge will be the plan's base price of $40/month for Basic or $400/month for Premium. 

We bill every month based on the total amount of streaming time for all of your uploaded apps. Streaming time begins when a user starts streaming an app and ends when the user leaves the page or the session times out due to inactivity.

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