runs Android emulators that are very similar to the Android emulators provided by Google. So, if you encounter any issue, it's often easier to troubleshoot on the Android emulators locally, and then re-upload to 
The standard Google-provided Android emulators do come with su. So, some apps can detect this and have limitations to run on rooted devices. 
If that is the issue, and you would like your app to run on, you may detect when your app is running in and skip your rooted check in that case. 
For convenience, we set the key "isAppetize" to true when streaming apps. You can detect if your app is running in by calling:
  • getIntent().getBooleanExtra("isAppetize", false)
  • getApplicationContext().getSharedPreferences("prefs.db", 0).getBoolean("isAppetize", false)