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Error installing or running app on Android?

If your app fails to install, or fails to run, we can suggest a few troubleshooting steps.

For Android, upload the .apk containing your app.
After your app is built, either via Android Studio or by running the command ./gradlew assembleDebug in your project directory, look in:

If you are having trouble running your uploaded Android app in Appetize.io, we recommend trying to run the same APK on the standard Google-provided Android emulator locally over ADB.
Once your emulator is launched and available via adb devices, you can install it using a command like:
adb install -r example.apk

If your app installs, but just encounters a crash, you may enable our debug log to check for the unhandled exception or other error that caused the crash. 

Please note that these debug logs can often include some "red herrings" or other misleading clues. Try to look for unhandled exceptions or similar!