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Error installing or running app on iOS?

If your app fails to install, or fails to run, we can suggest a few troubleshooting steps. 

Please follow our steps on how to generate an iOS build from our documentation.

If you are still experiencing difficulties launching your application after following the troubleshooting steps, we recommend having a look at the debug logs to check for any unhandled exceptions or other errors that could be causing your application to crash.
If you do not have access to the project that generated the .app bundle, you can take the same .zip file you upload to Appetize, unzip it to get the .app bundle, and then install that onto a running iOS Simulator with the command:

xcrun simctl install booted {your bundle name}.app/
  • If that works, you might also try doing the same on another developer's machine. Sometimes the .app bundle includes references to local files that were not properly added to the bundle, so it will work on the same developer's machine, but not another. 
  • if your app installs, but just encounters a crash, you may enable our debug log to check for the unhandled exception or other error that caused the crash. 
    You can get the debug logs via Appetize, or by running it locally in XCode.